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Our History


History of KSM Nigeria

The Order of the Knights of St. Mulumba (KSM) was established in Nigeria on June 14, 1953 by Late Reverend Father Abraham Anselm Isidahome  Ojefua; a Priest and Monk from Illah Monastery in present day Delta state and modelled after the Sacred Order of Catholic Knighthood. It has a current membership of over 20,000 (both male and female)

The women wing known as the Ladies of Saint Mulumba (LSM) was inaugurated on June 24, 1978 in Calabar (Present day Cross River State). The Order has since established its presence as the Knights of St. Matia Mulumba, Kampala, Uganda in 2004 and the Knights of St. Mulumba , Mamfe, Cameroun in 2008.


Initial Objectives of The Order

  1. To counteract the harm done by many secret societies to the church and to arrest the efflux of the Christian enlightened members into those harmful secret groups.
  2. To bring Catholics together in a fraternal association for the good and progress of the church, welfare of its clergy, wellbeing of members of the Order in particular and Nigeria in general. The constitution has been review severally and emphasis is now on fostering perfect Christian life among members, making the Order Africa – wide and encouraging inter religious dialogue.


Knights of Saint Mulumba, Nigeria

Working towards a high sense of order and discipline within society.

Co-operating with other Christian denominations and persons of goodwill without compromising Catholic Doctrines and principles.

Being sensitive to the needs of the poor and giving succour to the destitute, the disadvantaged and the oppressed in the society.

Trusting in God always rather than in man or material possessions.

Working for justice always and everywhere for the benefit of mankind.

Living an exemplary catholic life, defending the Catholic faith and loving one’s neighbour, as oneself.

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