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Mathias Kalemba, dear Saint Mulumba
Brave Champion of faith for all Africa
Our Patron art thou do pray for your Knights
Your faith and courage to emulate.

With four limbs chopped off, you still derided
And strongly disdained satanic fury
You lingered limbless Thursday thro’ Sunday
To God your soul then commended.

Katonda Katonda, to you oh my God
This day now I come, from torture and pain
Grant everlasting and blissful reward
For death is the only gate to life eternal.

Dear Patron Saint Mulumba, nurture Nigeria
Christ’s banner to raise and charity spread
From sapling to Iroko our faith shall grow
May we evangelize more by deeds than mere words, Amen.

KSM Retreat and Conference Center (RECCO) Learn More
The Worthy Supreme Knight delivering his address during a courtesy visit
The Worthy SK and Other Officers during the visit
The Archbishop addressing the KSM Team
The Archbishop and the KSM Officers after the visit
The Mausoleum being built by KSM Nigeria at Illah monastery
The Mausoleum pix 2
The Mausoleum pix 3
The Mausoleum pix 4
The Mausoleum pix 5
The Mausoleum pix 6
The Mausoleum pix 7
The Mausoleum pix 8
SEB Retreat Venue: LSM Women And Youth Empowerment Centre Owerri (WAYECO)
The Supreme Officers with the priest (Rev. Fr. Odukwe) during the retreat
The Supreme Officers with the priest (Rev. Fr. Odukwe)during the retreat II
The Supreme Officers and the LSM Noble President during the retreat
The Outgoing Supreme Chaplain, Rev. Fr. Francis Nwaiwu at the retreat venue
The New Supreme Chaplain, Very Rev. Mosignor Pius Kii
The SEB Retreat Participants with the New Supreme Chaplain after the retreat

History of Knights of St Mulumba in Nigeria

The Order of the Knights of St. Mulumba (KSM) was established in Nigeria on June 14, 1953 by Late Reverend Father Abraham Anselm Isidahome  Ojefua; a Priest and Monk from Illah Monastery in present day Delta state and modelled after the...

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KSM Nigeria Membership

Only practicing catholic men and their wives are admitted. Membership spans all cadres of professionals such as Government Administrative Officers, Teachers, Lawyers, Businessmen, Professors, Engineers, Bankers, Doctors and ...

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